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This week I have for you five FREE game to download and print. Once young readers can blend three sounds with a short vowel, then they can move on to blending four sounds with consonant blends. We call these cvcc words (consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant). This skill is quite crucial, however having given some practice, once a child has begun to get the idea I move on to the next phonic stage as I know they will get plenty of practice as we go on.

These free to download and print games have been designed to help children both feel the consonant blends with their lips as they say them - which helps with reading - and to hear them in order to sound out a word - with helps with spelling. I am a great believer in multi-sensory learning.

A mirror is a useful piece of teaching equipment, especially for helping children with speech difficulties, as you can teach speech as the same time as phonics. Let the child see their mouth in the mirror as they shape each sound. Let them say each sound slowly and see the lips change position. Blend the sounds slowly and feel the movement of the lips and tongue.

Initial blends games

From the Initial Blends Game

I always start introducing consonant blends with just the blends themselves. This takes the stress off of having to read a whole word and focuses the attention on the blends. These two games do just that.

From the Consonant Blends Game

Four Letter Word Game

​Having got the pupil used to blending two consonants, we move on to reading words.

Missing Letter Games

Once they have got the idea of reading words with consonant blends I  move on to give spelling practice, which in turn re-enforces reading skills.

From Find the Letter Game
From the Missing Sound Game

Both of these games will provide plenty of practice.

Don't forget, any of these games can be made to feel 'older' by the help of a dice. You can add what you like to your dice. Examples include:

Two stop/ three go faces
Five ticks for 'Have a turn' and a cross for 'Miss a turn'
Five smiley faces for 'Have a turn' and one/two sad faces for 'Miss a turn.'

​Tools to help you make your games...


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