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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Is your child stuck with reading? Help is at hand!

I am currently offering online consultations for parents who wish to have support in the teaching of reading for their child.

If you have a child who you know is falling behind in reading and you wish you knew how to help him/her move forward - then this is for you!

Please see our Tutoring page for more details about my tutoring style.

How it works

I will teach you, the parent how to teach your child, using our FREE Reading and Spelling programme, Reading Made Simple, that is compatible with all of the phonics programmes used by schools.

The consultations give you a chance to get help specific to your child's needs and lend you a helping hand as you teach your child. 

Each consultation lasts half an hour and costs £5 payable via PayPal. 

Following each consultation, I will provide one batch of free-to-download resources tailored to your child's needs, where this is appropriate. Otherwise, I will give advice and ensure that you understand what is needed in order to help your child move forward. 

Terms and Conditions apply. See them here.

If you are interested, please contact me at

Friday, January 22, 2021

Spring Science Activities for Home Learning

Our Spring Science Activities pack has 70 plus pages of educationally rich activities that you can easily do in your home with your children this spring.

For children aged 3 to 8

Take your family on a journey of adventure. As the living world awakens from winter, you too can awaken your senses and grow knowledge and understanding about the wonderful world in which we live.

Buy Now! Find the Spring Activity pack at TES or TPT priced £4.50

Learn about:

   flowers      growing things    birds and eggs 

       spring on the farm      

          spring by the pond     spring in the woods    butterflies


Buy Now! Find the Spring Activity pack at TES or TPT priced £4.50

Packed with:

  • Helpful information so that you know what to look for
  • Science activities
  • Art/craft activities
There need not be a dull moment with our pack to show you what to look for and where to look.
The world will never look the same again!

Art and craft activities provide the ideal means of recording what has been learnt - worksheets are pretty meaningless to young children unless you are using them as a means to develop reading and writing skills.

Buy Now!
Find the Spring Activity pack at TES or TPT priced £4.50

  • Shop & Create on Zazzle

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Phonics Videos

Written by a phonics teaching specialist

Each of our Reading Made Simple phonic videos takes the student through the lesson for each sound family.

It includes:
  • An introduction to the new sound and how to pronounce it
  • Help to read words containing the new sound
  • Sentences to read
  • A dictation  The pupil first checks his/her own work before checking against the words on the screen.

Shop & Create on Zazzle

Our phonic lessons are:

  • easy 
  • short and 
  • show how real learning can take place with no gimmicks, no music, and no comic strips.

The satisfaction comes from being able to say

I can read!

They can be found alongside each lesson on the Reading Made Simple website, or on My Channel on You Tube.

Just like having your own phonics teacher - for FREE!